Splitting Automation

Infrastruture provisioning

Software provisioning

Application deployment


Application Monitoring

Functional Testing

Job Scheduler

Why should I automate?

“Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest.”

Isaac Asimov


  • Reliability: Fewer errors from manual processes
  • Efficiency: SysAdmins/Ops will have time to do what they should do (improve processes, performance,...)
  • Agility: Increased speed of product deliverability
  • Repeatability: Don't waste time on doing what you already do
  • Flexibilty: Ability to scale (Black Friday!!)

Before / After

  Before After
New server request 4 days 1h
Soft provisioning 1 day 1h
Server Documentation 75% 0% 100%
Deploy frequency 2/3 per day 5/15 day
Time to deploy 1-3 hour 5 min
Avg. Rejected deploys 50% 0%

Look your best!

It's Selfie time




Our Tools


Our experience

  • 3 Data Centers: Europe, USA, Asia
  • Before: 75 server per datacenter
  • After: 170 server per datacenter
    • High Availabilty
    • Split of shared servers
    • New products
    • PaaS
      • Redis => Redis as a Service
      • MSMQ => ServiceBus
      • IIS => Web App


Sci-Fi or Reality?

It's real!

Thanks !

Source: https://github.com/artberri/automation-talk-example

Thanks to you too, Ian Murdock, none of this would be possible without you