Decoupling SPAs from the framework, a practical example

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The javascript framework war that we are seeing today is harder than the one we've seen in the Game of Thrones series. To choose the proper framework is one of the most important decisions we need to take when starting a new project and that's why there are hundreds of posts on the internet comparing frameworks: reactivity, extensibility, adoption... This is not one of those posts.

Microsoft, you need to take it one step further

image from Microsoft, you need to take it one step further

The war is over. It seems that 2016 has been the year of the peace deal between Microsoft and the FOSS community, the hostility has ceased, but let us make no mistake, there is still a long way to go.

Managing PHP Dependencies Properly

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The first step to build a proper CD pipeline is to manage your dependencies in the right way. If you are PHP developer, you need to master Composer in order to achieve it.

NPM vs Yarn benchmark

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Yarn, the recently launched alternative for NPM as Node.js dependency manager, claims to be much faster and reliable than its predecessor. Let see if it's true.

It's Alive

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Berriart Blog is alive. Again. My blog-off time didn't last very much, I know that probably I will not write in a regular way, but that isn't a good reason for not having a blog.

Publishing a Puppet Module

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Like with any other Open Source Software, it doesn't mean just making your code public. In this post I tell how I get my modules to be approved by Puppet Labs.

Code and Kids

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Why we should give kids the oportunity to learn code and how can we do it. This is a little video with a talk that I did internally at Ve Bilbao in order to find people to create a Coder Dojo.