Mini Blog WordPress Theme

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This is a minimalist template for wordpress. Two columns on this slim miniblog, its colors are white, black and grey. This theme validates XHTML and CSS, supports gravatars and widgets, and it’s SEO optimized.

This is a theme that I don’t design, I only adapt it for wordpress and optimize it for SEO. The design is from Six Shooter Media, so if you like the design you can give credits to him.

Mini Blog WordPress Theme


1. Extract and upload to the `/wp-content/themes/` directory
2. Activate theme
3. That’s all

Internazionalization I18n

This theme is internazionalized, so for translating this theme to your language edit the PO file that is placed in the ‘locate’ directory of the theme with poEdit or similar, and save it with your language’s ISO code. For more information:

The spanish translation is done, and is included in the theme.

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