Berri YouTube Gallery

Berri YouTube Gallery gives you possibility to show a YouTube video gallery with customized appearance on your sidebar and all you need is to write the video URLs in the widget control panel. There is no need to register or to get YouTube API. Easy to customize and you can insert an image in the video thumbnail.

How to install

1. Download

2. Extract and upload to plugin directory

3. Give write permissions to “wp-content/plugins/berri-youtube-gallery/images” directory

4. Activate plugin

5. Add YouTube Gallery to the Widgets Sidebar

6. Configure the gallery in the widget panel and save configuration

7. That’s all


  • Widgets enabled
  • Widgetized Theme
  • PHP GD Library
  • allow_url_fopen option enabled

Configuration options

Berri YouTube Gallery Options

  • Title: The title of the widget
  • Show YouTube watermark?: Check to display a YouTube logo in the thumbnails
  • Show play image?: Check to display an image in the center of the thumbnails
  • Play Image URL: Write the URL of a PNG image to personalize the play image. If is not PNG or if you leave the text-field empty the default play image will be displayed
  • Video URLs: Write the URLs of the videos that you want to show. One URL for each line
  • Display template: The template for each video. HTML code is allowed. You can use %%title%% to display the title of the video, %%url%% to display the video URL and %%img%% to display the thumbnail URL

Berri YouTube Gallery

Comments, questions, feature requests and bug reports are welcome.