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Over 5 years working as web developer, over 10 years enjoying web development

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Alberto Varela

I am a 31 years old Full Stack Web Developer based in Bilbao. I try to handle almost all aspects of a website development, although I especially enjoy programming in back-end mode. I have passion for creating and discovering better ways to do what I already do.



My preferred language is PHP, I'm used to work with Symfony for large projects and with Wordpress for almost everything else. I have always used MySQL, but I'm open for alternatives when is necessary.


I'm not a web designer, but I can convert any design into a responsive website. Now, I do it with Foundation Framework, SASS and Compass; I trust jQuery to make interaction with the user; and I take advantage of new features provided by HTML5.

Analysis & Planning

I have experience heading medium and small projects: choosing technology, planning, estimating duration, spreading the workload between coworkers...


I have worked with CentOS, Ubuntu and ArchLinux servers, and I haven't problems configuring or installing LAMP, postfix, team repositories, BIND,... I've managed sites with Plesk or cPanel too.


I like SEO, not all kinds, but the in-page SEO. I allways try to optimize the sites for search engines when coding: web performance, the HTML structure, semantics, microdata, linkbuilding...


I am a self-taught, but I love working with people who know and can teach me. I think my two best qualities are that I like to teach what I know and that I know I have still a lot to learn.

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